Monday, 27 April 2020



                                                  Class 5 ( Set -1)
Subject -  English part – 2 ( Answer Script )
1.1. (b) summer
1.2. (a) honeybees
1.3. (b) to survey the dishes
1.4. (C) Jan Nigro
1.5. (a) the creeper

2.1. False
2.2. True
2.3. False

3.1. Trundling – moving on small broad wheels.
3.2.  Flapped – moving wings up and down.

4. The geese pretended to be dead so that the hunter would throw them on the ground from where they could easily fly away.

5.1.1. a 1.2. at  1.3.  the 1.4.  about .
5.2.  what
5.3. Must we destroy it  ?
5.4. at
5.5. tempting
5.6. whipped.
5.7.1. Pitcher – Earthen pitcher happens water to remain cool.
5.7.2  Common – Common people loves to lead a peaceful and prosperous life.
5.8.1. be  5.8.2. becomes

Letter writing.
                                                                                                                         Village – Abhirampore
                                                                                                                         P.O + P.S – Sainthia
                                                                                                                         Dist – Birbhum
                                                                                                                         Pin – 731234
                                                                                                                         Date – 14.04.2020
Dear friend Kigan,
      It seems a long time since I have penned anything for you. I feel  positive that you and all your family members are all well. You asked me to share some ideas about the goodness of teamwork in your last letter. Now I’m going to tell you a general idea of it.
A teamwork is a joint effort of its all members to accomplish a task. First of all entire team should have to dream a common dream directed to a specific goal.This is the first condition of a teamwork at its beginning which brings forth an affinity among all without any discriminations.It is natural that all in a team are not equally capable of doing one thing as others can do it so exactly. So, one can help him to overcome the situation, thus it brings fellow feelings for others and unites us as a whole. It strengthens human relationships .Gradually , it takes its heights from an areal brotherhood to universal brotherhood. The whole team works under the leadership of a single person that gives birth to a great leader.
However, these are all the various sides of a teamwork that we can talk about. I shall wait for your next interesting topic to discuss in letter. I also request you to give a judgement upon this recent topic. Give love and respect to your parents.
                                                                                                         Yours Lovingly,
                                                                                                    Anirban Chakrobourty
B.T Road
Bonhooghly, Kol – 700090

Story writing –
                              An ant and his paying indebtedness to a bird.
Once upon a time, an ant was going on the bank of a deep river very carefully without giving a look at river. He saw once at the deep river and got frightened giving a tone, “ how deep the river is and what a strong stream is flowing beneath !” Getting very panicked he slipped his legs and fell into the river. He was flowing with the stream waving his legs in the air as a sign of his try to be overcome from this great fall. A colourful bird saw his desperate efforts and he felt pity upon him. He took a leaf and dropped it into the river. The ant climbed up on it and saved himself. The bird appeared as a messiah then to the ant. Sometimes later , a hunter came into the forest and aimed at the bird who was eating fruit in a tree then. The bird was unknown about the event. The hunter was about to shoot the bird while the ant gave a strong bite in his leg and he missed the bird. The bird flied away into the deep forest giving thanks to the ant.

     Moral – A virtuous person who helped others in need always got    help in return in his own need.